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Born in 1949, IT professional, blogger (The world seen by me) and self-taught scholar of human and social sciences, since young Bruno has collected aphorisms and quotes from various authors (his database in has more than 7000 quotes in various languages). Since the 90's he has started writing his own aphorisms, which document the results of his research on human nature with the taste of paradoxical irony and of the oxymoron. They show a pessimism à la Schopenhauer, an insolent demystification à la Nietzsche, a systemic view à la Baateson, a disillusioned vital charge à la Camus, a humanism à la Fromm, an Enlightenment-oriented optimism, an emotional intelligence and a passion for the psychology of every school, with an eclectic, integrated, systemic and "pananthropological" approach, to which he has dedicated the web book Psichology Of Needs.
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